Week 2 – Do It Now

 Awareness of gathering the internal harmony.   With each day there’s glimpses of my 4 Billion synapses getting on board with my DMP.   Each time I read Lesson 2 of the master keys, literally their meaning jumps off the page and into my sub conscious.  The power and Grace that is built from this gathering of foci.   I feel the joy.


Blood Moon Slice 3 no text

  I was awakened @ 3:00 am Weds., the sky was crystal clear and I could  view  the eclipse of the full moon directly from our front porch. 

 I was mesmerized. Stayed up to see the entire eclipse. As the moon      became  completely covered, it turned the color red. I have never  witnessed a  phenomena like that before.


This very unique experience felt like a validation of the outer world showing me, my inner world is on track with lining up.

 There’s also been lots of awareness of the cement that is attempting to hide my inner Golden Buddha.  I see it for what it is and remind myself that I’m growing in new habits. 







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Erwin Vanslembrouck says October 12, 2014

love the mixture of poetic and matter of fact descriptions. Good luck with your journey !

Fabiana says October 14, 2014

Hi Fawn, I have the feeling this training is giving us true wonders 🙂 I wish you many of them 🙂
Thanks for sharing!

Cheers Fabiana

    Fawn says November 7, 2014

    Hi Fabiana, Thanks for your well wishes and I wanted to reciprocate by sending you the thoughts for many many true wonders
    and awesome transformations!

lydia johnson says October 15, 2014

Great to have your powerful energy along for this great MKMMA ride! Thanks for your beautiful post!

Fanny Tait says October 16, 2014

Hello Fawn – yes it was quite the site to behold the full red moon… I too felt the glow from within 🙂

    Fawn says November 7, 2014

    Fanny, I’m delighted to know you also had your own experience of the Red Full Moon eclipse~ what else are you feeling from within?
    What changes in your life are you noticing now that we’re completing Week 6 of the master Keys?

Ursula D'Angelo says October 18, 2014

Yes, I too am finding such freedom in looking at the color codes of others with respect to speaking with them. I am beginning to appreciate this system so much that I ordered the long analysis to gain even a better understanding of it! I appreciate reading your words that describe even more clarity in what you do!

    Fawn says November 7, 2014

    Ursula, I’d so love to know more of what you’ve learned form ordering the long and complete version of your Color Code test.
    What percentage Blue are you? I was surprised at how much Blue I have from those first 7 years of conditioning! It’s like
    we’re all playing in the sandbox. Gotta love fun we share~ yeah?

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