Week 15~Insight~ Thought impregnated with LOVE~

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The Master Keys has asked us to keep this week’s Silent Sitting focused on receiving insights. This has proven to be a GREAT practice for me in starting out the New Year.

By allowing insights to show themselves, the kind of thoughts that are impregnated with Love, living my life this week there’s been great Peace. Greater fulfillment with every relationship I’ve interacted with. One person especially, we were able to come into collaboration with full respect for each other’s positions. Truth be known, even though I was taking action from my part, my insight had awakened me to those personal thoughts so I could drop them and not bring them into our exchanges. It actually was amazing to watch this person relax and communicate openly. There’s much gratitude for this.

Thursday @ 8:30pm we had flooding in all three bathrooms. Could the much needed rains that finally came to California create the water table to rise in our cesspool? Giovanni did alot of the mopping (give him credit for that!). I gathered the supplies we needed and we had our emergency 2 hour ordeal. Was so relieved the following morning when the only overflow was outside the house! We are learning the delicate balance of having a cesspool on the Central Coast. Again, my insights lit my direction to remember my Peace inside, even during the most challenging moments of old blueprint personal battering thoughts. Again, great gratitude!

I love this months Scroll!! We are all miracles. YES!! Great gratitude to fully appreciate this principle of truth. I see it everywhere I go! I am thankful.

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Tina says January 17, 2016

You are a miracle and perfect. Thanks for your blog!

    Fawn says January 23, 2016

    Thank you, Tina! So are YOU!

Danny Linkert says January 19, 2016

Great Blog Fawn!
I wish I could say I share your excitement of dealing with a flood! However here living in the Canadian Shield My home sits on top of 280 feet of gravel and we have a gravel floor basement. So any run off we get literally runs off. Now what we do get excited about is losing our power in the winter.
Love your trip-colour flame.

    Fawn says January 23, 2016

    Interesting to know about your run off, Dan!
    The triple flame is something I keep referring back to
    as a full integration to my compass. Glad you like it!

Connie McCracken says January 21, 2016

Sorry to hear about your flooding, but glad our course was a comfort. Nice that you are commenting with Danl or Dan the Man as my family call him. LOL Wishing you great health and wealth, Connie

    Fawn says January 23, 2016

    Hi Connie,
    It’s a delight to meet you and so appreciate your kind words.

    thank you,


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