Week 1- Inspired Journey

DSC01482This week’s journey has been a very full experience. Many times my heart has been delighted and felt joy

when being reminded of the power in knowing who I really am. In the constant remembering to value my imagination

I can allow myself to become myself. In releasing the conditioning and programming from the old Blueprint my consciousness

creates without those old limits.
I invite myself to apply all of the six steps through the honor and tangible requirements. Using my imagination to see and

understand, that accumulation of money cannot be left to chance, good fortune, or luck. I’m allowing the white heat of desire

to grow in it’s intensity for having money and believing it’s all possible.
I more and more clearly see my physical world being created by my power from within.
Found myself and now making that amount of money didn’t matter, because I knew what I was passionate about

and what was effective for people. By finding myself and being passionate more and more money comes into my existence.
I am grateful.