Week 2~ Power of Linking

Loving observing the power of linking.


Lesson 2 by Haanel addresses the 2 parts of the mind. Conscious and sub-conscious.

“Ease and perfection depend
entirely upon the degree in which we cease to depend upon the conscious.”


It’s the greatness of our sub conscious which allows us to live our lives beyond the

limits we’ve told ourselves we must stay in.

Reading my index cards and keeping my promises all the while
looking for blue rectangles and literally feeling my energy rising throughout all
of this, there’s a depth of gratitude that I can not describe. Starting out with
simple associations has it’s own ease in it.

Then feeling the energy build and the flow of life course through my being.
By keeping my promise to the weekly chore, my sub conscious directs it’s unlimited
energy towards my creative expressions and my lofty goals in the world.

So love this power of linking!!


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