He may kick me out if he reads this!

I’ve been reflecting on what I want to share about my evolution through my involvement with The Master Keys Master Mind Alliances in this last year. Simply stated, I’ve become more of myself in a patient loving way.

Why would Mark J possibly kick me out if he reads this?    04609baa-f42f-4e04-a0b4-4598f98119a9
Because I do feel it’s his high caliber of living these principles that carries out a profound effect for me. His wife, Davene, also walks her talk. They didn’t create this environment to be about them. They are entirely dedicated to each and every person being able to think for him or her self. Not from limited conditioning thinking but from allowing Universal Mind to be blended into our thought processes. Developing our own discernment while staying persistent with doing the activities that matter around our passion.

Mark J’s a guy whose background shows his strong work ethic while gaining the reputation for being the laziest networker. In other words, he’s built from the ground up several times, and let those growing opportunities humble him. He wanted to make others successful and was willing to do what it takes for them to get there. He’s become a Hero to me in that way.
I, too, have always wanted to use my skills, talents and intuitions to make others stronger and happier. Mark J has figured out how to create an environment where people don’t give their power away to a stronger personality, they are empowered to do their own interior work. For decades I’ve encouraged people to stay courageous with loving themselves as they expand and grow their consciousness. What I so appreciate about the environment of The Master Keys Master Mind Alliance is how clearly people learn what to do! We literally learn the steps of what to do to generate authentic success and create our lives from our Defined Major Purpose. The daily rituals deepen this centered knowing from within.
Letting ourselves be healthy, physically, psychically and emotionally doesn’t have to absorb our entire time. It all depends on how far we’ve veered off into habits that have enslaved us instead of kept us free to be ourselves. In all honesty, I’ve worked hard a great portion of my life to create healthy emotional hygiene. Facing some of the deep valleys of grief or abandonment required resilient courage. There’s one thing I learned, at different times, different approaches were needed. It’s not that I arrive at one station in life and all is resolved. What I have now, is my own appreciation for who I am. I’ve become my own hero.
Applying the principles from the MKMMA daily, my emotions no longer pull me down. I understand why I am doing what I am doing. My alignment with my heart and soul brings a Freedom that lets me get my work done. I’m making other lives better and seeing them grow all on their own.
So here’s the thing, Mark J and Davene are opening their doors again. Letting in the new wave of us who are ready to flourish by being in the right environment.
I think they are great because of how they can assist you in your own greatness. If you’re ready to live your life from your greatness, click here now.

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Let’s live in our greatness, together!

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CRAZY CRAIG says August 27, 2015

As with Stephen before you, our conjoining of ways, Fawn, appears to be a tremendous step in the right direction. May it be a lasting one.

Just so you know, I may borrow a little of what you have written to get my own act into higher gear (making sure that you are properly credited, of course).

By the way, Mark may get a kick out of reading this, but he won’t be kicking you out…but you know that (second time I’ve said that today). 🙂


    Fawn says August 27, 2015

    HA HA HA!!! Loren, you’re always able to make me laugh! I love that about you!
    Very Clever indeed! I have the exact same sentiments regarding our connection.
    Truly feeling grateful for like minded company and Master Minding.

    Thank you for your kind words. Loren!

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