Creating my outstanding 2016 in August 2015!!!


Holding Vision while showing Up

Holding Vision while showing Up

Wow! Starting my day with my MasterMind Mentor drilling this truth into my brain, struck me deep into my being and I felt my pure desire to do that! Creating my year 2016 with showing my teams of people how to create their teams of people while we’re all growing and prospering is so real in my mind; I was flooded with those cool endorphins, and humbled at the same time to get to serve in this way. Wow!

It’s a great vision and makes so much sense to create my own consistent sacred time of dialing new people daily. As the wisdom of my mentor, which came from his decades of “doing it,” continued, I found that the ways I internally connect these dots became crystal clear.

We all have our challenges as to why, we simply don’t jump “all in” and show up in the ways that we all KNOW create success. I happen to be someone who’s not designed to be fully committed just for the money. Of course, I love a certain standard of lifestyle, but’s that not confused with why I do the business I do.

I literally can remember at the age of eleven, realizing that what brought me feeling most alive was the cultivation of clear awareness.

Yep, I love growing as a person. I love honing my skills so that I get better and better at facilitating others in creating their lives around what matters most to them. I’ve made my choices throughout these decades from the priority of what would bring others and therefore me into living our lives with more unconditional love.

When I make the declaration to make 2016 my outstanding year in my network marketing business I could see clearly that the challenge is for me to show up and be present while holding the vision clearly of where I am going.

If I’m fully present, how do I keep my attention on the future that hasn’t shown itself yet?

Seriously, this is the way my ego has put the kabosh on me in the past. But, being in the company of my like-minded Master Mind friends, my clever little ego, literally stepped out of the way and I saw all of the times in my life when I’ve done exactly that.

Being present, staying in my heart and sharing with others through the skills I’ve developed on The Hero’s Journey feels like a privilege. If my skills, can fan the flames of another person’s awareness and belief in themself than I’m all in. This is what lights up my heart, body and brings calming peace to my mind.

The actions of consistently, which means daily, dialing new people when my ego looks at it, feels like a grind and a waste of all of my “talent.” But, today, I felt surrendered. I felt how all the skills, talent, grace and abilities that I am blessed with now have the perfect avenue to allow the stream of prosperity for many to flow through.

My connecting of the dots may be a more internal process than my mentors was. It seems there’s a lot of focus on the action steps and that’s OK. It is in doing the action steps that the beauty of what some call “delayed gratification” gets fully experienced. He told me, “find that one thing” for yourself, that’s why you are doing this. I simply desire to get better and better so that I’m able to facilitate others in finally having their lives be the ones their souls came here to live.

I am blessed that I do have advanced skills with helping people come into their awareness. First through experiencing ease, grace and pleasure in their own bodies and coaching them to trust the guidance that is always accessible for their well being. Using these skills with my clients already has given me deep satisfaction. So now, I’m choosing to expand in ways that brings even more light, love through actions, which I know anyone can do. That’s what’s so exciting!

By me “doing it”, I’m modeling to my team and new players that they can “do it”, too. We don’t have to become rocket scientists or gifted healers to become the Hero’s in our own lives. And if, when we’ve generated the levels of sustainable incomes and there’s a desire to grow in other ways that ultimate freedom to pursue those directions is completely granted. Yes!

So here’s the Key’s to what I’ll be doing.

  • Organized Planning~ built my written Plan of Action
  • CAPS~ Nothing is truly known if it’s not measured in my business, Contacts, Appointments, Presentations, Sales~ tracking number of dials
  • Start with a habit that is so easy I can’t say No
  • Never Miss Twice~ once might happen but not two days in a row
  • Divine Main Purpose~ Reading out loud daily with all of my heart and feeling~ keeps the flow of big picture readily available in every cell of my body~
  • I’m rewarding the behaviors, it’s not about perfection it’s about my persistence~ taking Action and showing UP!

I’m feeling the earned power, satisfaction as well as humbled by the flow of grace. This is a fresh beginning as I create my outstanding 2016, now, in August of 2015. I’ve committed to growing a profitable business, living a purposeful life and becoming an entrepreneur of influence.

Care to join me?

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Sean Graham says July 22, 2015

Yes yes yes! Fantastic sharing of your journey and how you are reframing it to suit your “one thing.” I love how you describe making new calls each day “sacred time.” That is a powerful image for me…I am so stealing this. Well done, thank you for sharing.

    Fawn says July 23, 2015

    Yes! Sean! Sacred Time it truly is! Steal away my friend~ Love your enthusiastic response~
    Going for your one thing and following through is being on our Hero’s Journey~ YES!!

Erwin Vanslembrouck says July 25, 2015

absolutely wonderful post ! so inspiring. Thank so much.

    Fawn says July 27, 2015

    Thank You, Erwin for sharing your response 🙂

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