Week 3 ~ Insights using Color Codes

Week 3 ~Insights using Color Codes 

 Flows comes into my day and the palpable experience of the powerful harmonized grace is such a gift.  Mostly the flow shows itself when I’m on my coaching calls. By having this daily awareness honed on the gathering of my energy and thoughts in my Solar Plexus, I kinesthetically feel universal power radiating through my words.  I am feeling depths of gratitude for the beauty of this life and all of those who I share it with.  This feeling of gratefulness for gratitude rising fills my heart to overflowing.  It continues to get better and better.

 There was such a gratifying conversation with 2 new people today.  Both may become longtime clients or business associates.  The color code application of understanding motivation and communication styles continues to prove to be very useful.  Mostly useful when noticing my own style and how it’s coming from my own desires.  This brings me into more choice with what I say next.  Find myself asking internally if I’d like to keep the conversation on my interest or turn towards them?  I truly love feeling so free to choose.

 The coaching of having connecting conversations is going supremely well.  It gets clearer and clearer that this is a natural approach for me.  I’d like to give myself great acknowledgement for being so willing today to operate out of my familiar roles.  I’m greeting this new person in my life as a gift from the universe.   What I have been thinking I want is showing up and I’m allowing myself to be present and evolve into the person I’m becoming.  The growth I feel is both a bit disorienting and expansive with no known outcomes.  What a joy to meet this with wide open possibilities.  I do trust my inner harmony and the beautiful guidance it’s providing.

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lydia johnson says October 20, 2014

I can feel your FLOW in your words. Great post Fawn!

Fanny says October 23, 2014

So wonderful of you to share your insights with the colour code. It really adds a new dimension to authentic communication – Bravo!

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