Week 3 ~ Insights using Color Codes

Week 3 ~Insights using Color Codes   Flows comes into my day and the palpable experience of the powerful harmonized grace is such a gift.  Mostly the flow shows itself when I’m on my coaching calls. By having this daily awareness honed on the gathering of my energy and thoughts in my Solar Plexus, I kinesthetically […]

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Week 2 – Do It Now

 Awareness of gathering the internal harmony.   With each day there’s glimpses of my 4 Billion synapses getting on board with my DMP.   Each time I read Lesson 2 of the master keys, literally their meaning jumps off the page and into my sub conscious.  The power and Grace that is built from this gathering of […]

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Week 1- Inspired Journey

This week’s journey has been a very full experience. Many times my heart has been delighted and felt joy when being reminded of the power in knowing who I really am. In the constant remembering to value my imagination I can allow myself to become myself. In releasing the conditioning and programming from the old […]

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