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Week 7~ Nikola Tesla~Invent and Create from within - Master Key Experience

Week 7~ Nikola Tesla~Invent and Create from within

This week’s experiences have felt a deeper immersion into my mind’s concentration.

It’s true that I’ve been on working on high octane these past few months as the spearhead for launching our business’ new website, iBalanceTekk.com and I feel grateful for all of what’s come together from my consistent follow through.  What I’m compelled to articulate is this immersion into the inner concentration of the mind.

In Master Key’s Lesson 7 Par. 10 refers to Nikola Tesla’s Description:

“he with the giant intellect, one of the greatest inventors of all ages, the man who has brought forth the most amazing realities, ALWAYS VISUALIZES HIS INVENTIONS BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO WORK  THEM OUT.”

I am familiar with the focus and the art of visualizing within my own imagination before taking the actions that bring it into this reality manifestation.  It’s familiar and there’s a learned level that I do this on, however, in this past week I’ve noticed a whole new level that my mind is tuned to doing this on.  there’s no resistance to happenings in life that might distract me, I simply deal with what is and keep coming back into the alignment of what I’ve already created within my own mind.  There’s a level of freedom in this that doesn’t have true words to describe it.

I’ve come to learn much more about Tesla’s life and his mental and emotional process, also his relationship to money.

I have so appreciated connecting my own dots in my life as I’ve learned more about his.


I’m not equating my intelligence to his but I am owning that I understand how accessing that concentrated consciousness FIRST from within absolutely fuels whatever needs to take place.

So, there’s been this aware immersion into accessing an intelligence that fully supplies working out all solutions.

I am seeing very clearly how it’s a disciplined habit to stayed aligned with that access.  The concentrated inner focus on what I’m truly meant to be creating has become “center stage”.

As a result, my days are showing themselves with easeful harmony.   When there’s situations that don’t appear in harmony (note this is the week of the USA President election and the atmosphere was dense with people’s heightened emotions) I feel a clarity for myself.  I can allow what needs to be felt, experienced, expressed without any of those elements taking me from my core alignment with what I am creating in my own life.  It’s me staying with myself, accessing that consciousness, showing up for others and joyfully bringing forward what is right for our next step in moving forward.

Master Key Lesson 7 Par. 21 has said it well:   “Those who will give no attention to the world without will seek only to ascertain the truth, will look only for wisdom, will find that this wisdom will unfold and disclose the source of all power, that it will manifest in thought and purpose which will create the external conditions desired.   This truth will find expression in noble purpose and courageous action”

 “Create ideals only, give no thought to external conditions, make the world within beautiful and opulent

and the world without will express and manifest the condition which you have within.   You will come into a realization of your power to create ideas and these ideals will be projected into the world of effect.”

I share these written words to reinforce and to give dimension to what I’m calling the power of concentration.   I’m staying longer, deeper and tracking farther what my creation through this power is choosing to be.  absolutely magnificent!!


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Dan Linkert says November 15, 2016

Hello Fawn(tastic)!

Great Blog!
I love that custom chair! Made just for you I bet?

What a great visionary Tesla was. May we all be blessed to be touched by his inspiration.
Looks like the Universe is treating you well?

    Fawn Christianson says November 15, 2016

    So true, Dan!! We are blessed by Tesla’s visionary and inventions, WOW!
    Yes, the Universe offered me this custom chair last week when we took the
    afternoon to visit the migrating Monarch Butterflies.

    Universe loves having our back!

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