Week 6 – Tired of being a pawn in your own life?

Marj Bernstrom, a Master Key Experience member wrote about the major breakthrough she had:


“With the daily exercises of the Master Key Experience, I unearthed a latent desire of my heart , one  that was buried with time and circumstance.  I had let the opinions of others bury this desire. On top of that, I was indecisive about its pursuit.

Through the MKE , with some direction from my personal guide, I discovered how to define my  Definite Major Purpose (DMP) for myself, and now I am able to visualize living it.   

As I probed deep into my mind and my heart during my daily readings and silent meditations, a major “aha” struck.

My entire life’s experiences suddenly made sense.  The way in which my unique gifts can be utilized to benefit others appeared to me.

My friend has a disease  and is unable to do many things for herself, which I happily do for her.  

I prepare her single serve meals when I’m cooking for my husband and myself.    A few days ago, I drove her on errands.

We stopped at the local food bank to pick up groceries.

This stop resulted in a big piece of my DMP to fall into my lap. There was a brochure telling people of a class available to learn cooking and  meal planning skills.

My heart became flooded with joy as I volunteered to assist.   This is the perfect next step for me and I hadn’t even known this existed before!

This coming week I am going to be in another kitchen, fulfilling my desire, collaborating with others,  to help people to learn how to cook meals, plan menus and create a food budget.  

I am looking forward to seeing how this will bridge into the next and more exciting part of my DMP!

Have you noticed  times in your life when it feels like pieces fall into place, magically?     I think it happens once we’re living with our clarity of life’s purpose.”

When you’re really honest with yourself, are there buried desires in your heart that you’ve let time and circumstances cover up?  

Would you like to be living with more clarity of your life’s purpose?  And have more of those magical moments?

If you’ve noticed how you spend the better part of your day trying to fit in, are you ready to change that?     

You’re invited to unearth your life’s riches by becoming a self-directed thinker and know for yourself what truly matters to you.


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