Week 5~ What Can You Expect When You Hit Those Plateaus?



What level of momentum would you build if you were a member of a group who wouldn’t LET you fail?

If you had a MasterMind group of people around the planet, 24/7 – to support you?  

It’s an amazing feeling, having THAT level of support when you hit the plateaus in life.  So many times in life it can feel like you’re taking a step closer to your dreams– and then you stumble.  

Your own growth becomes such a potent experience, it feels overwhelming.  

You get so close…. and then you hit a plateau.

Are you wondering what you can expect from the Master Key Experience (MKE) MasterMind when you hit your own stumbling blocks?

Consider this real life experience (shared during the December Holiday week just when momentum was happening then other relationships and activities screw up your progress.)

Bob Watkins wrote in his blog the week his resolve began to falter:

“This week my resolve’s head has been raised. Mark J. renewed the exercise of “Looking yourself in the eye, and in the long view of life, stating that you will not attempt to deceive yourself or others.”

The above seems a strain to keep up but then…[a] message arrives in my email from a MKE member, and my “struggles” seems just an excuse!

After reading [Day Boswell’s] post and see how she easily steps, like a matador to one side, of life’s big challenges with poise and a grounded spirit that almost defies comprehension. Family passing, daughter in surgery needing support, new children coming into the world, pointed emotional conversations with other family members,  and yet the thinker, compassionate side shines through as only “Rudolph” could to light the way for others to follow.

Thank you, Day Boswell for the exemplary life you lead, sharing it with others like myself in the Master Key Mastermind and for increasing the harmony across the fabric of our lives as your boat raises all others in this harbor.”

Accountability to yourself and following through is how you learn to play the game in the MKE, to master your own ability to think for yourself.  During this journey, you’ll have that encouraged momentum from your fellow MKE members.

Are you willing to consider choosing to put yourself in a like-minded community that brings out all of your potential?   

Putting yourself in this level of Master Mind is a true act of choosing yourself, first!

I hope you make that choice,


If you’d like to “read the blog post that buoyed Bob,” click on the following link.  You’ll get your own dose of grounded inspiration.

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