Week 4~ Monday Morning I truly was a NEW!


“Sara, your positivity is contagious!”

Would any of your friends ever call you to tell you that?…   

How would you feel knowing the positive impact you’re having on others moves them so strongly they have to “tell” you?

There’s a principle that we live by in Master Key Experience:

“Give more to Get More.”   

Giving with no expectation of reciprocity brings a gratifying return.   Inexplicable exchanges spontaneously show up in life.  There’s a flow which feels aligned to our life’s purpose. It starts from within. It’s a feel good feeling.  The opportunities multiply and this flow opens up those areas where we’ve been stuck.  It all keeps happening through this stream of giving.

Sara Sorensen wrote on her Blog:

“This week took a turn and I emerged from the dark. I just have to tell each and every one of you that, all the comments and likes on my last blog post really filled my heart.

I am so inspired by this community we have thrown ourselves into. It was such a weight lifted off of my shoulders that I could be raw and truthful- I just needed to release and get out all that I was feeling-  and you were all there holding my hand. I feel so blessed to be a part of a group and have other people who are committed to change. It is so comforting to know that we are all going through this deconstruction and reconstruction together.

I knew the process was going to be challenging. I am sure more will bring itself to the surface as we keep moving forward, but I have to say this is all going deeper than I ever imagined. This course came to me truly by divine timing and it is just the holistic prescription I needed to make these ultimate changes.

Every piece of resistance shifted in me over the weekend. Monday morning I truly was anew.

One of my close and dear friends called me yesterday and said, “I  want to tell you that I have seen the biggest change in you and talking to you is different. You are different. Anfall-buddha-roadd I realized that I am really enjoying this newfound you. Your positivity is contagious!”

My dreams for the first time in a very long time seem obtainable. The daily exercises and my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) are building such confidence in me.”

I really love Sara’s words during her journey in Master Key Experience (MKE).  I recently learned what Sara is now doing with all of her ‘positivity.”  From the self directed confidence Sara built during the 6 months of the MKE she was able to finally leave the job she hated and has replaced that income with her own passionate business.

It’s inspiring to me how she’s living her life of purpose, on purpose.

What choices would you make if you were living a life of purpose?

Which friends would call you, because they just had to “tell” you,  they see the positive changes and they like it?

Here’s to you living your life of intention,

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