Week 3~ Trusting the Power of my Mind

Morning Light~ dawning with the reading of my DMP and the Master Keys


I was so delighted to be able to attend the Speed Reading Class this week!  What I learned is that Speed Reading is a skill where we trust the sub-conscious to bring forward the words and their meanings without focusing on each word.   By gliding over groups of words the mind gives the information and there’s a deeper retention.  However, during the processing of learning to trust that my mind tells me it’s not retaining anything and the reading isn’t making sense.  So it’s a process of trusting what’s unfamilar will serve me more in the future.

Isn’t this exactly what we are learning/practicing with all of our tools in the Master Key experience?

We are unlearning all of the ways we’ve been taught to learn and operate at least the conditioned ways that have kept us from being able to think for ourselves.

The process can feel totally dis-orienting.

What’s been habituated in my ways of thinking or orienting are what need to be let go of so  that the simple, direct, clear and efficient cognition can happen.


May as well love the feelings of being disoriented, not comfortable and always changing because those feelings are actually confirmations that I’m growing and allowing the expanding perceptions to change my limited views.

Whew!  Growing is a constant change.  I believe that’s what living a true life really is.

This morning when I looked up from my morning reading of the Master Key I was greeted with this dawning light.  The beauty took my breathe away and I had to share the gloriousness of being alive!

It truly is all about Persepective~



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