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Week 18 – True Health – There’s a Way…

True Health is one of my PPNs…

1970, I can remember in high school being on my quest to learn about nutrition.  I mention the date because it was a time when you had to dig to find sensible understandings.   My friends all loved my homemade sandwiches, etc. which gave me joy.  Where my natural intrigue went was to learning about giving the body what it likes to stay in balance.  

In my beginning adult years, 17-21 ( I was living on my own and putting myself through college so for me they were my formative years) I indulged my passion for learning how to cook gourmet vegetarian.   I had a waitressing job in the very high-end vegetarian one of its kind restaurant on Kauai.  In a way, I was like the ultimate earth mother.

I loved to learn what was healthy and then find ways to make it taste Great and then create it for those I loved.  I learned a lot through that self-taught immersion.

I gave my services for a full year to managing the vegetarian kitchen that made three meals daily for the 30 residents.  Four to five times a month there were special occasions and the food was made to feed up to 200 people.  Much of the kitchen’s philosophy was built on ayurvedic principles.  It was a tremendous amount of work, and I expanded immensely.  I lived the practice that all nutrition/food, in essence, is unconditional love.

 I saw in so many practical ways that when food was chosen with unconditional love, prepared with unconditional love and when the receiver could eat their food allowing in the unconditional love the body responded with strength and resiliency.

Dr. Pete’s Health Protocols

When I was introduced to Dr. Pete’s work with bringing 400 Cancer patients into full remissions I got turned on!  Free Dr. Pete PDF Download

We met through our love of the Bio-Active Photon Generators.  Dr. Pete understands that when you give the cells what they need to operate there is no disease in the body.  His entire protocol consists of feeding the cells with the Bio-Active Photons and supplying the nutrients of trace minerals and vegetable enzymes.  He says it’s simplicity that works the best.

I am sharing his Healthy Protocol with you today with the Blessings you’ll take to heart giving your body what it can operate from the best.  Many people have asked me questions about the slurry making so I’m sharing this week’s creation with you.

Here’s the 2 minute video I made for you…


 May your True Health and kindness be lived.
– Fawn

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Rick Barton says February 4, 2017

Food as unconditional love. What a concept. I thoroughly enjoyed this post and will be checking out the protocols. Thanks for sharing.

Julia Standish says February 8, 2017

Fawn, You are the best!!. I am so glad to be working with you and the MKE team. Thanks for being a true example to the members and keeping your blog current. I have been motivate to follow my Hero’s Journey and wrote a blog, after some time of absence.

    Fawn Christianson says February 8, 2017

    Awesome, Julia!! Can’t wait to read your sharings of your Hero’s Journey.
    We’re in this together! Yahoo!!

Thomas betsens says February 8, 2017

Thank you Fawn for this great food insight! I find that cooking healthy for myself and others is so wonderfull. I really can put my heart and soul in this and share this love with others via food!!

You are whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy!!


    Fawn Christianson says February 9, 2017

    Thank you, Thomas! Appreciate you putting your heart and soul and love into cooking healthy!

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