MKE~ WEEK 1 2016

417855-1000-1452074284-cliffofmoher1We’ve started!!  and I’m loving the level of engagement from every one of my tribe members, guides and myself.  Of course, there’s the logistics of everything getting into place, that’s a given.  Staying with the details while being aware of the big picture.  It’s an amazing picture!   500 people choosing to live in their own truth!  WOW!  I do feeling amazingly grateful to be contributing.   I am delighted to be partnered with a new guide, Day Boswell.  Such a joy!  This isn’t my first “rodeo” and yet the joy keeps overflowing.

I’d love to share Vernon’s post.  What has already transpired for him within the first week is inspiring for us all.  Please join me in riding the wave where we reflect to one another our uniqueness and living our Golden Buddha.

Week 1 – Back To School


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