MKE~ Continuation~ middle of June 2016


As a Man Thinketh by James Allen is one of the sources we’re encouraged to read and re-read.

I’m really appreciating having this for my early morning summer reading before my sits.

Funny, how repetition gives me a perspective on my own mental processes. I’m finding James Allen’s style of writing to be sinking deeply into my awareness. It almost seems over simplified. I’m experiencing clarity and comfort in feeling his statements regarding thought and consciousness validating how I experience myself.

It’s been such a challenging week for me.

My emotional self has felt so raw and vulnerable after the traumatic loss of our cat. This happened so soon after the loss of my father and within this first year of our move to an entirely new area after 40 years in the Bay Area. The transitioning of generating income by incorporating an affiliate online product and not having clients come to my home for one on one coaching and Trager sessions is a lot of changes.

Giovanni and I had a heart to heart talk about the possibility of getting another cat and after hearing his considerations and viewpoints I felt very sobered. My awareness of how very different our approaches to this new life activated deep feelings of being isolated and alone. Those are old patterned cement feelings so I’m not allowing them to dictate my world but I must admit they got activated.
There’s been so much learning and growing with the digital setting up of the new websites and committing to a more intense pace with Social Media along with spearheading our Master Mind team on writing an email campaign. With all of this expansion and getting familiar with the unfamiliar, I’ve let myself get spread a bit thin.
So, I come back to As a Man Thinketh and I’m impressed with my own capacity to still my thoughts. “He who has conquered doubt and fear has conquered failure.” How can I write this and express my kinesthetic experience? Those words used to ring of patriarchy and my reaction would be to push the authoritative perspective away. The old me would feel I had to put up a fight to “conquer failure”.
Today I read those words, and I’m mellow inside, feeling a deep appreciation for how hard I’ve worked. There’s an acceptance to the truth that rings beneath the words and into the true meaning. Understand that the mind gets directed and it is me who gets to choose the old pictures of doubt and fear which judges myself harshly and prohibits my healthy actions or choose what’s truly in my heart. What’s in my heart is trust. Trust that my mind will obey and joyfully carry out the actions which build goodness in people’s lives. Trust that I choose healthy and prosperous directions.

Trust that I am loved, that I Love and that I AM LOVE.
As a Man Thinketh …he is Love.

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