intensity and integration

Week 14 – Intensity and Integration

Increase in me that wisdom which discovers my truest interest, strengthen my resolution to perform that which wisdom dictates. – Benjamin Franklin

Today I spontaneously fell into prayer after my 20-minute sit.   I recognized it as prayer because my heart felt a full surrender as grace flooded my body and senses.  My truth is that I long to live each of my days in the aligned flow of who I really am.  I am willing “to do it now.”

I have found that what “it” is to do presents itself often times in the moment.  What gets requested of me often requires great amounts of patience, non judgment,  and a willingness to stay present.  

This is why I love Franklin’s quote so much.  I’m reminded so clearly that this is what I asked for.  All the abilities I have to “plan”, “strategize” and design structure steps may be useful at times but I must surrender the old familiar attachment to knowing the right way.  It’s still very challenging for me.  

I know it’s my conditioned learned modes of operating and for my developing years using my mind to “manage the many steps” was mostly approved of.  I got a lot of kudos.

Franklin’s quote reminds me that I’m devoted to living from my “truest interest”.  The “real me” isn’t coming from my intellect or personality.  It’s so much greater and much more peaceful and offers this “witness” viewpoint in seeing my life.  My truest interest has a simplicity to it.  Igo back and forth between feeling freed by that simplicity and being afraid of what I have to “give up.”

Spontaneously falling into prayer is a great gift that I celebrate.  

The second part of Franklin’s quote is to be able to strengthen my resolve to perform that which the wisdom dictates.  Strengthening my will to stay disciplined, focused, peaceful and clear to serve the many trusting hearts that I’m Blessed to serve.  

As my business expands and I’m growing as a true entrepreneur which basically feels like I’m out of known elements most of the time,  I trust in this increased wisdom which does give guidance as long as I listen and am willing to take the steps that the wisdom dictates.

Thank you Ben Franklin, Thank you Universal Mind, Thank you God!

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Rick says January 13, 2017

Glad to see another person finding truth from within. Good job and very well-written post.

    Fawn Christianson says January 16, 2017

    Thank you, Rick. I appreciate us recognizing the truth within each other. Very nice to connect.

Kay Beam says January 14, 2017

Wisdom is certainly what I am looking for and hope we can all be open to listen to where wisdom takes us..

Rita Grandchamp says January 19, 2017

Wonderful post!
I love the line. ” I trust in this increased wisdom which gives guidance as long as I listen and am willing to take the steps that the wisdom dictates”

    Fawn Christianson says January 20, 2017

    Thanks so much, Rita! Feeling your direct connection to your Joy
    and trusting of your own wisdom. YES!

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