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Week 12~ Thought impregnated with Love becomes Invincible~

  Feeling is desire, and desire is love. This weeks activities have amped up, not only in preparation for the Holidays but from my deep core of desire. I have given myself the gift of repeating my DMP in front of the mirror, when we harmonized as the entire Master Mind last Sunday my mind […]

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Week 11~ Profundity of Persistence

  Persistence is one of the words that’s been mis-used so long in our culture that it’s original meaning has gotten lost. Many of us creative types, who are committed to seeing our projects and accomplishments to the end have for the most part, dropped out using the word “persistence.” It’s become a word that […]

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Week 10~ It’s never been created before!

This is my longest post to date~ stay with me~ the reading may be slightly lengthy but it’s a joy ride compared to what I’ve been living~ I wrote the following and read this outloud everyday. “I promise to rise each day feeling my vitality in my life, full of gratitude appreciative of the strength, […]

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Week #5 ~ Power and Grace of having NO Opinions

The awareness’s are increasing!  I had watched the video Saturday night in preparation for Sunday’s training call.  The practice of having no opinion simmered into my subconscious overnight. Sunday morning I was engaged with my brother and he asked me for my opinion!  He was REALLY asking!  At first, I hesitated but it was too […]

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Week 1- Inspired Journey

This week’s journey has been a very full experience. Many times my heart has been delighted and felt joy when being reminded of the power in knowing who I really am. In the constant remembering to value my imagination I can allow myself to become myself. In releasing the conditioning and programming from the old […]

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